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MIAP Internship Workshop

The summer course "MIAP Internship Workshop" is zero credits, for which students receive a Pass/Fail grade. Once students have finalized plans to work at an internship site (in consultation with the MIAP director, academic advisor and MIAP coordinator), they should email their start/end dates to Alicia. If the internship takes place outside of NYC, they should also give Alicia a summer mailing address & phone number. Students should feel free to consult with their academic advisor at any point during the summer if they have questions/comments/concerns related to their internship.

Students are required to work at their internship site for a minimum of 35 hours/week for 10 weeks. Grading criteria is the same as for semester-long internships, except for participation in class (since there are no class meetings during the summer).

Summer Internship Assignments for MIAP Students

  1. 10 days after your start date — A summary of what you plan to do (activities and goals) in your summer internship, already negotiated with your supervisor, emailed by the supervisor to MIAP Coordinator Alicia Kubes.
  2. 10 days after your last internship date — A 3 page summary of what you did and what you learned in your summer internship. This must be approved by your internship supervisor, and emailed by him or her to MIAP Coordinator (Alicia) up to 10 days after your last internship date. It is your responsibility to make sure that the supervisor sends it in on time. The MIAP Coordinator will make a note of the day when the reports are received and will forward them to Howard Besser/Mona Jimenez/Dan Streible.

Please make sure to adhere to these deadlines, as late submissions will not be accepted and may result in failure.

Internship Resources for Students