Fall 2007 Introduction to Moving Image Archiving and Preservation

Potential Research Projects

NYU Security Film of Dow Chemical Protest 1968

This 16mm b/w silent film (about 20 mins, or less) is in the University Archive.  Dan Streible has a DVD copy and Nancy Cricco agreed to let him have the original preserved and printed for Orphans.

Although it has been shown at least once in the past several years at NYU, with some original participants in the discussion, Dan still thinks there is enough research to be done on this piece to make it a good candidate for the Intro students.

The film also raising an interesting (albeit small) cataloging/research issue.  The only mention of it is buried way deep at the bottom of this long "Guide to the Papers of John G. Mason 1963-1978."


Teach Our Children
Directed by Christine Choy & Susan Robeson, Third World Newsreel, 1972

The film focuses on the historic 1971 Attica prison rebellion in upstate New York. It targets the conditions that coused prisoners to take drastic steps toward securing their basic rights. The film questions the reactions of prison warden Oswald, Governor Nelson Rockefeller and President Nixon - as well as the death of 31 inmates and prison guards killed by the National Guard. Through on-site footage taken during and after the rebellion and follow-up interviews with the inmates, the film relates a powerful message concerning prisoners' rights, and provides an important historical document.

This is being preserved by Pacific Film Archive.  One of the Directors is normally a Tisch professor, but is in China this year.

Interview with Emile de Antonio

a 1-reel 16mm film that Anthology recently acquired from a donor [Gordon Hitchens].  It's a recording of an interview with Emile de Antonio done in Nov. 1967 at a film festival in East Germany [Leipzig Documentary Film Festival].  The interviewer tells us he is doing this as part of a series of filmmaker interviews for "the Media Laboratory of the New York Institute of Technology."

This is the earliest film documentation of EdA that Dan knows of, outside of his own filmwork (and Dan wrote the definitive book on EdA).  Dan is not 100% sure of its inclusion in Orphans 6, but he's sure he'll show at least part of it.

Andrew Lampert of Anthology says"We can show the film to students on our Steenbeck, no problem."  And they will try to do a proper video transfer, but maybe not in time for the students to look at it.