Fall 2005

Copyright, Legal Issues, and Policy

Instructor: Rina Elster Pantalony

Educational Objectives:

  • Basic conceptual understanding of copyright law.
  • Knowledge of copyright issues affecting preservation, restoration, exhibition, and repurposing.
  • Familiarity with both professional and legal rights and responsibilities around preservation and restoration.
  • Comprehension of copyright management as a function of collections management
  • Understanding of the kind of policy and intellectual property management issues facing moving image repositories.

Grade based on research paper and group copyright audit and risk assessment project:

  • paper 45%
  • project 45%
  • class participation 10%

Course Schedule:

Week 1: Introduction to Copyright: The Social Contract – ownership, control and progress.

Week 2: Introduction to Copyright: A bundle of rights and a handful of rights holders

Week 3: Examining the layers of copyright in film, video, film ephemera and electronic media.

Week 4: Managing the copyrights in your collections - performing the Copyright Audit.

Week 5: Obtaining the legal rights to carry out preservation, restoration, exhibition and repurposing of film, video, ephemera and new media content

Week 6: Exceptions to copyright, and fair use – what are they and how do they work

Week 7: The impact of technology protections and The Digital Millennium Copyright Act on the use of film and video

Week 8: Examining the legal responsibilities of copyright management for the institution and to the copyright holders

Week 9: The value added – value-based decision making in managing copyrights as part of a collection

Week 10: Developing in-house copyright policies - what is a policy and why do you need it?

Week 11: The mechanics of developing in-house copyright policies – who should be involved and what policy development mechanisms should be considered

Week 12: Student Project Presentations.

Week 13: Student project presentations and wrap up.


Student Papers



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